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Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Roger Federer has won USD130m in prize money, but it’s the IP in his brand that’s really built his empire – his 10 year contract with Uniqlo is worth $300m alone, and isn't even dependent on him continuing to play tennis.  World IP expert Dr Francis Gurry discusses the monetisation of sport, and explains how the sporting ecosystem, comprised of various rights including merchandising, trade marks,  branding, and broadcasting, relies on IP to ensure all parties receive an equitable share of revenue.  There are cautionary tales too; like Mr Rubik, who didn’t have the money to patent the Rubik’s Cube in Asia, and lost huge royalties as a result. Or the risk of piracy, leading to loss of revenue from selling broadcasting and advertising rights.  And the future? Francis shares his experience at a recent eSport tournament and his prediction as to whether this is the next new Olympic event!  For more insights on the importance of IP in turning ideas into commercial realities, be sure to follow From Idea to Intellectual Property, brought to you by IPH Limited, Asia Pacific's leading intellectual property services group.  

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Scientists commenced mapping the human genome in 1990, and while we’ve come a long way since then, we’re really only just starting out on the journey of using genetic material to solve problems in medicine, manufacturing and agriculture.  However, as Griffith Hack Principal Karen Sinclair explains to host Lisa Leong, since mapping genetic material went mainstream, getting granted patent protection for genetic sequences has become more complex. The advent of synthetic biology has facilitated a great leap forward; enabling scientists to redesign sequences to produce replicas or adjusted versions of a biological outcome. And, importantly, to enable the “novelty” and “inventiveness” tests of patent law to be fulfilled.  The technology comes with its fair share of scientific and ethical conundrums, and Karen explains the vital role of IP both in protecting the investment of the people working in this ground-breaking field, and ensuring ethical boundaries aren’t breached. For more insights on the importance of IP in turning ideas into commercial realities, be sure to follow From Idea to Intellectual Property; new episodes will be dropping fortnightly.


From Idea to IP

A podcast exploring today’s big ideas through the lens of the intellectual property specialists who work with inventors and innovators to bring their ideas to reality. 

Hosted by broadcaster, author, and former IP lawyer Lisa Leong, each episode is a conversation with an expert from IPH, Asia Pacific’s leading intellectual property services group, about a global trend or an industry with global impact.  Guests will share first-hand insights on what’s involved in turning an idea into a commercial reality, in particular how to protect an inventors’ IP, and what current trends can tell us about what we can expect from future innovation.

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